Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Benefits by ASUS Transformer

Eee is known in all over the world as the notebook series of ASUS. Recently, it released a new type notebook that will give you more than it. This type is known as ASUS Transformer series. This series of notebook can be said as a breakthrough in all markets of technology in all over the world. Do you want to know why?

The first reason why this notebook series of ASUS can be said as a breakthrough in all market is because it is actually not only functioned as a notebook. Besides, you can also use it as an Android tablet PC. It is of course a thing that you will never able to find from any other notebook or tablet PC. When you need an ease and simplicity, you may bring it in the form of tablet PC. When you need it for the Windows system that it has, the notebook version of it will of course be suitable for you.

It is a gadget that will understand you in whatever you need. There are some types of ASUS Transformer that you may choose. For example, there is ASUS Transformer Prime, ASUS Transformer TF 101, and so on. One thing that you have to know is that many people are looking for it now because of some greatness that it offers. Those people are the lovers of Android, tablet PC, or ASUS products. Do you want to join them too? Get it now and prove its greatness right after you get it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Beauty of Lavender in HTC Rhyme

When we talk about Android phone, it is not always merely on the greatness of its operation system that makes us able to get a customized Android phone from the access of its root or system base. There are actually many other things that we are able to talk about when Android phone is the topic. One example of it is the design of some Android phones, which seem to be designated specifically for women or men.

One example of Android phone with this specification is HTC Rhyme which is released in the year of 2011. If we see the main color which is used in this Android phone, we will directly know that its beauty lavender is designed especially for women. The lavender color of it is not only limited in its chasing. Besides, the accessory which is included in its starter pack also has lavender as its color. The accessory which is meant here is the ear set.

This beautiful Android phone is very suitable to be sold in the middle classes because of its price which is not too high. Although it is so, it is already completed with Android 2.3 Gingerbread operation system. Besides, it also comes with Sense too. It means that this Android phone is not only beautiful because of its design but it is also great because of all system available in it. it is something that will be suitable for those who love best budget Android phone, beautiful design, and also best function of it.

Don’t be so serious with Your Android

Although Android base phone is well known as smartphone, you don’t actually have to be so serious in using it. It is so because actually there are so many fun applications for Android that you can find in nowadays. Those unique Android applications can be used as a way to have fun in your leisure.

For example, if you love beer more than any other beverages, there is an Android application which is known as iBeer. By this application, you will bale to pretend drinking a glass of beer with your Android phone as the glass. When you take a position of drink with your Android phone, the beer which is displayed on the screen of your Android phone will run out little by little. Although it is a very simple Android application, it will surely effective to have some fun.

Another example of fun application which is designed especially for your Android phone is the one which is known as Talking Tom Cat. When you run this application, there will be a cat named Tom that will always repeat all words that you say. The fun thing that you will able to find in this application is that Tom will repeat your words in the voice that will make you laugh. It is because his voice is just so funny to hear. There are many other interactions that you will able to find in this application. You have to know too that there are also many other Android application that you will able to find to have some fun.

What Is Best About ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

When we are talking about Android, it means that the topic of our talk is not only limited to Android phones only. There are also some other gadgets which are operated with Android system. One example of the gadget is the one which is released by ASUS. It is known as ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101. What is actually best about this gadget? In this post, we are going to talk about this gadget in general.

This gadget is actually a tablet PC with Android 3.1 Honeycomb system operation. Although it is so, it can be said as a tablet PC that has the ability to chase away the boredom undergone by the users of other tablet PC which are already released previously. It is so because it can actually also be used as a notebook because it is also completed with docking station keyboard. This keyboard is also completed with battery life which will stay up to 16 hours. It is of course a time which is enough to do some activity with this gadget.

When this gadget is used in the form of Tablet PC, it will use Android as its operation system and when it is used as a notebook with its docking station keyboard, the operation system will automatically change into Windows base operation system. In other words, it can be said that it will meet you in whatever you need. The slim design of it will never give you a mean of burden. It is another best thing that you will able to find from it.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Route 66 Maps + Navigation: A Useful Application for Android Users

For those who live in US, Route 66 is a name which is very common in their ears. In nowadays, US Android users should be happy because there is now an application that they will able to use in their Android phone so that they will be guided when they pass this Route 66. The application which is meant here is called Route 66 Maps + Navigation.

The reason why this Android application is said to be useful is not only because it will navigate you, who will pass this route so that you will never be lost. Instead, it is has a view which is also completed with a lead 3D car that will guide you to your destination.

The other best thing that you will able to find in this Android application is that there will be a 30 days free trial given to you. It is a free trial that is given by certain parties only. It means that you have to look for one of those parties if you want to be able to try this application before you finally decided to buy it. When the trial time is end, there are two different prices that will be charged. It is $ 65 for a worldwide lifetime license and $ 45 for US license. If you are living in US and you go through Route 66 often, this application is sure the one that you need to help you being lost in the route. Grab it now.

What You Must Have to Root Your Motorola Atrix 4G

One of the best things about having an Android phone is that you will be able to make the phone to be customized in the way you want it. That is why it is stated that Android phone is so suitable for those who love to change the operation system of his or her phone in custom over and over again. It is so because in Android, it can be said that Android phone offers an unlimited change for this.

To be able to make the operation system customized, there is a thing that should be done first. It is known by rooting, a way done to make you able to access the system of your Android phone. Usually, you have to use different way in rooting each Android phone. Such idea is also applicable when you are about to root your Motorola Atrix 4G.

In rooting this Android phone, there are of course some things that you have to have. The first thing is a computer with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 operation system. The next is USB data cable that will be used to connect your Motorola Atrix 4G to the computer. The last thing is Petes Motorola Root Tools_v1.07. Once you have all of these things, it is sure that you will able to root this Android phone and get the access to its system that you want. There are of course many tips to do it that you will able to get from the internet easily.

Tablet Sony S is Ready to Serve your Gaming Adventure

Android now has mingled to people’s life and make life come easier. With many free useful application, people grow fonder to Android based smartphone or tablet. And everything comes easier in their life either in maintaining or in planning activities. Many brands have launched their own Android tablet or smartphone and put a competitive price. And because of that, you can find many choices in the market that you can easily pick depended on your need and budget.

One of the finest brands which are more than ready to launch their Android tablet is Sony. And their team has become as innovative and unorthodox in 2011. With Tablet Sony S, they put Android 3.1 with Honeycomb-based device. And although there is no news about Ice Cream Sandwich, Sony has pushed for it. And Sony has quit on playing easy last years. They have put a serious action in the market and make sure that it is the first tablet that enables you to play PlayStation and PSP games via included emulator. With his special device, Sony has been number one on the gaming section. And although there are pros and cons about the ability, it is clearly seen now that it is sold worldwide with good rates.

With its large screen, you will feel comfortable to move around your finger on it to play anything that you like. And you do not need to feel disappointed because Sony has made sure that their product is good and worth to buy. Its smooth and smart design has made it perfect for you who care about the appearance.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blackberry Fights tightly with Apple and Android

In the competition heat of Apple iPhone and Android, the sales of Blackberry 7 have slowed up. The sales of Research in Motion Blackberry 7, according to Mike Walkley as Canaccord Genuite analyst, are not really well during the holidays. The recent checks of the sales show slow sell-through trends for this new Blackberry 7 smartphones. And with the launching of iPhone 4S, the competitive price of Android smartphone, improving windows smartphone, and also the launching of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, the competition has been really tight for RIM’s products.

For knowing how the competition is going, it might be needed to know that Apple has claimed they have succeeded selling iPhone 4S for 4 million units on the first weekend after the launching. Besides that, AT & T noted that more than 1 million iPhone 4S handsets are activated in less than a week. Sprint said that iPhone 4S launching has been the best-ever single day of sales. And even now after a month of launching, three carriers in U.S have a weeks-long wait before new orders ship.

Compared to success sales of Apple iPhone, Blackberry 7 which is a combination of RIM biggest launch and multiple handsets is sold around the world. However, because of the slow sales, Rim can be a bumpy ride for the next years. And that is why Walkley has changed his target from $21 to $28 to maintain a HOLD rating. With this, he hoped that the sales will increase in the next time.

The best gadget in 2012 that must be chosen!

No one can be separated with their gadget. What do you think about that? It is true that gadget plays an important role in life because there are so many gadgets that can help you to your job and business. According to that situation, it is not surprise if you will able to find some other gadgets that will offer you with some amazing feature. Are you confused in choosing which the best gadget that suitable with your needs? Well, during this year there are many new gadgets that have been launched and one of them must be chosen.

These are some best gadgets in 2012 that can be your alternative. If you need a gadget for doing business, it is recommended for choosing Blackberry Playbook. Once again, Research in Motion tries to give a new innovation for all gadget users. This Blackberry Playbook has been completed with some feature, like dual core and any other applications. LG Star presents as the best android in 2012 which has dual core system. This smart phone is said as the main rival for Samsung Android. The newest gadget in 2012 that is suitable for gamer mania is PSP Phone. This gadget is a combination between phone and game. If you are a gamer, choosing PSP Phone as your gadget is the right decision. This is especially for those who like to play PlayStation.

PSP Phone presents as the best solution for those who want to get phone plus games in one gadget. It will save your money and gives a lot of fun.

The war between Blackberry vs. Android

In this modern era, high technology always increases all the time and also with the users. The most popular technology in this era is smart phone. What do you know about smart phone? As it has been mentioned above, it is the famous technology that is used by many people. Nowadays, there are so many people who prefer to use smart phone than cell phone. How about you? Which one you want to choose, smart phone or cell phone? If you are a busy person and always need to use internet connection, it is better for choosing smart phone.

There are two popular smart phones that can be found in the market today. The smart phone that is launched firstly is Blackberry. For the first time, this smart phone is quite popular. People from different age will buy this phone, even they are children. But today, Android presents as another smart phone that offers some interesting features and also applications. So, what is the difference between the first smart phone and also Android? No one can deny that Blackberry has strong application, which is called as Blackberry Messenger. It enable to Blackberry users for “chit-chat” with other users. Some people say that Blackberry has a weakness, especially in the application. How about Android? Although it does not have many users as Blackberry, this smart phone has the strength in their features, especially with their application.

By using Android Market, the user will able to get some interesting and unique applications for free. What is your choice?